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Mystical formulae part 2


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19,4 x 25,6 cm
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With the blessing of LORD SHIVA the embodiment of OM, the root of existing and non-existing, I am presenting this humble book with the sole motive of reviving spiritualism.

First of all, I am thankful to all those readers who have appreciated my first book titled "Nakshatra Based Predictions including Remedial Measures – Part I" and my second book titled "Mystical Formulae – Part I – Mantras". I would not have ventured into this book but for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm expressed by the public on my two books mentioned above.

A doubt will arise in the mind of readers in regard to the utility and authenticity of Mantras and Yantras. This doubt is created out of ignorance. To disregard anything by labeling as "useless or rubbish or orthodox" without bringing into practical use is not the correct approach. Now the tendency is to prove everything scientifically i.e. no theory or formulae or invention is acceptable to the world unless it is proved scientifically.

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