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O God! Why me?

A Collection of 66 Letters Between a Guru & His Disciple

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11,8 x 17,4 cm
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This book is a dialogue between a holy man and his disciple. The disciple asks questions that possibly mirror universal anxieties like, why must good and kind men suffer, while sinners enjoy all comforts? The spiritual master gives the disciple the answer that gold alone is tested in the fire. The work addresses common issues of suffering and salvation. Written in a simple, direct style devoid of serious metaphysical concerns, the work remains rooted in everyday concerns and is likely to prove a soothing balm to readers. These pages reveal that the lessons to be learnt are never losing out on universal non sectarian appeal. All those who lead lives of piety and devotional fervour will revel in the towering insightful lessons this book shows.

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